RWCDistribution Catalogue (13.11.2000)

RWCDAX Records has released a promo compilations "RWCDISTRIBUTION Sampler #1 - Waves, Dreams and Vibrations" and RWCDISTRIBUTION Sampler #2 - Noise, Drones and Brutality"

Tapes with the compilations are free and might be ordered only with an other order containing not less than 2 CD's or CD-R's. CD-R's with the compilations cost $2 and also might be ordered with an other order.

Shipping costs aren't included in noted prices. Details on ordering see in "How to order?"


Attrition "Esoteria" 1999 (Brudenia Rec.)     $9
12 tracks, 52 min. A retrospective compilation of cult english gothic band. Attrition mainly known as the band playing synth-goth/gothic-industrial but they started with gothic-ambient and now sometimes move to the area of neo-classic. And this CD is the compilation made in two last styles. Nice, conceptual and very beautiful work looking like a normal album but not like a compilation. Common mood is not agressive but very melancholic. Some tracks are in non-album version, the compilation includes also a previously unreleased bonus.

The Billy Tipton Memorial Saxophone Quartet & Ne Zhdali "Pollo d'Oro" 1998 (Solyd Records, SLR0115)     $8
11 tracks, 43 min. A work made by cult estonian RIO-project and american avantguarde-jazz quartet.
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Burunduk Quartet "Stuffed Horse" 2000 (Exotica, EXO00112)     $9
15 tracks, 74 min. A debute long-waited album from one of most interesting russian acid-jazz bands. Very moody, beatiful and
professional work.
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Elochnye Igrushki (Eu) "Eu_Soft" 2000 (Art-Tek, ART011)     $6
12 tracks, 54 min. One more release from leading russian idm label and in the same time a debute CD from one of most interesting russian idm project previously known by tape releases and participation in few idm compilations.

Foa-Hoka "Nie-Wiadomosc" 1998 (Koka Records, 026CD-2)     $6
13 tracks, 53 minutes. A debute CD of Chernigov band which is one of most representative of so-called ukrainian "new scene". The album has made contains guitar song-based music with industrial elements. There might be found inspirations  of such Berlin "new-wave" representatives like Einstuerzende Neubauten and Sprung Aus Den Wolken and "no-wave" movement and also ukrainian folk-music. In ukrainian language.
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F.R.U.I.T.S. "Electrostatik" 1997 (Exotica, EXO97106)     $10
Digipak, limited edition. The new album from one of most interesting and bright bands on russian experimental electronic scene. Cold and fascinating "minimal techno", tonegeneratores noises, beats and creaks of enegmatic electronic boxes. Clearly feels inspiration of frequent musicians visits to cold north Finland.

F.R.U.I.T.S. & Sa-Zna "Amber Rooms" 1998 (Exotica, EXO98107)     $12
7 tracks, 55 minutes. "Industrial-ambient-experimental". Joint project of electronic duo F.R.U.I.T.S. (Alexey Borisov & Pavel Zhagun) and avant-garde russian-swiss band Sa-Zna (Richardas Norvila & Alexander Menshagin) recorded on british Leo Records two albums of free improvisations. This work is musical investigation of a phenomena of saddly known "Amber Room".
See the review.

Instrukcija Po Vyzhivaniyu "Smertnoe" 1991/2000 (Ur-Realist, URCD006)     $4
17 tracks, 72 min. Legendary punk-band from Tyumen first time on CD. This release includes two albums recorded in 1991 and contains most famous and popular band's songs.

Kooperativ Nishtyak "25 Johnov Lennonov" (Ur-Realist, URCD-003)     $7
21 tracks, 72 minutes. A new album by a legendary Tumen' band. For some reason KN's music is usually classified as punk rock, but it has never had much in common with punk. It sounds more like strange, ironic and grotesque progressive rock with elements of RIO and with great surrealistic lyrics. As a bonus, includes a 30-minutes 1992 mini-album "Sdelay Sam Umelymi Rukami" ("Do It Yourself with Your Agile Hands").
See the review.
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Kooperativ Nishtyak "V Mertvetskoy"  2000 (Ur-Realist, URCD008)     $6
22 tracks, 51 minutes. With a new album KN have much more distanted from rock at all and have moved to the side of ironical guitar "lounge" with very witty and difficult surrealistic and culturological lyrics.
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K.U. Street Spring "Soft" 1996 (Exotica, EXO96104)  $11
12 tracks, 74 minutes, digipack, limited edition. The debute album of the cult moscow-based project playing unusual coctail of easy-listening, ambient and psychedelic. The CD now is very hard-to-find.
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Lazyfish "Vortex/Please-126" 2000 (Art-Tek, ART007CD)     $6
16 tracks, 71 min. Debute CD of wide-known moscow idm-musician previously participated in numerous of popular compilations. Strong, broken, electronic dub-based beats and soft atmospheric layers.
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The Legendary Pink Dots "Sing While You May" 1999 (Brudenia Rec., LPD1)     $9
12 tracks, 74 min. A compilation made specially for Russia and released for LPD's performance in Koenigsberg (russian Kaliningrad). It is may be the best compilation of LPD and it is ideal for first meeting with this brilliant psychedelic band. The compilation made very conceptually and includes some great old hits like "Zero Zero", "Damien", "Pennies For Heaven", "Lovers" and 3 previously unreleased bonus-tracks.

La Maison Moderne "Day After Day" 2000 (Hau Ruck, HR7)     $10
EP. 4 tracks, 22 min. A debute release of a new project of Julius Albin who is an ex-member of The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath A Cloud and a current member of Der Blutharsch and Death In June. EP made in acid-house style of late 80th with additional industrial samples and might be recommended as easy-listening music for pure industrial likers.

Membranoids "Gimpoteka"/John Silencer Infra-Jazz Quintet "Six Unforgettable Classic Sketches In Infra-Jazz"
2000 (Long Arms Records, MEMBRANACDLA00025-6)     $15
14 tracks, 124 min. Debute split-CD from two veterans of russian noise-scene. Music, released on this CD, recorded in middle of 90th and shows lucky exemple of analogue, rhytmical, powerful and dirty old school "noise-avantgarde"..

Messer Chups "Miss Libido" 2000 (Solnze Records, 2000)     $9
21 tracks, 59 min. A debute release of a new russian label and a debute release of a solo-project of Oleg Ghitarkin from wide-known Petersburg duo Messer Fuer Frau Muller. Music of the album has made close to traditional Messer Fuer Frau Muller style and represents a grotesque and fresh mixture of easy-listening, heavy electronic rhythms, jazz brasses and samples from old movies.
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Messer Fuer Frau Muller "Dreams - Second Hand" 2000 (Lyogkie, LG-002-2)     $5
15 tracks. One more, and most commercial succesful, release from stars of russian easy-listening.
Очередной, и наиболее хитовый, релиз звезд российского easy-listening. Music of the album represents a grotesque and fresh mixture of easy-listening, heavy electronic rhythms, jazz brasses and samples from old movies.

Moon Far Away "Lado World" 1997 (Exotica, EXO97105)     $11
Digipack, limited edition. The debute Cd of arkhangelsk-based project which succefully, interesting and rhithualistically combines "dark-wave" and "neo-classic". After releasing of the CD the band toured around Europe and partisipated in gothic compilation "Dark Ages" issued by belgian label Arborlon Music.

Moon Far Away "Sator" 2000 (Brudenia Rec.)     $9
10 tracks, 61 min. MFA traditionally is known as the best russian gothic band. With realisation of "Russian Gothic Compilation" they were forced to share this title with some other new projects but they still are one of best russian gothic bands and also they are the russian gothic band most known abroad Russia. "Sator" is the second album of the band and it only confirms the band's reputation. As compared with "Lado World" this album is more diversive and beautiful, music has moved from dark-wave anywhere to etherial and has got an injection of etnic elements. A band's sound has became more original and recognizable.
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Svitlana Nianio "Kytytsi" 1999 (Koka Records, 025CD-4)     $8
Digipack. 16 tracks, 64 minutes. A debute CD of Kiev singer and musician Svitlana Okhrimenko who are one of most interesting representative of ukrainian "new scene" and who also known in relation of her past work with a band "Cukor Bila Smert". Material shown on this CD is a result of logical developement of Svitlana's past works and represents in itself melacholic vocal miniatures based on east-european folk with accompaniment of minimalistic keyboards, strings and percussions. In ukrainian language.
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Anton Nikkila "Formalist" 1998 (Exotica, EXO98108) $10
12 tracks, 51 minutes. A style of the album might be conditionally described as "minimal techno-electro-industrial-jungle". Anton Nikkila is the famous musical journalist and musician from Helsinki. He debuted in 1997 on a compilation of experimental electronic music "Decay" released by Ash International. "Formalist" is an unexpected coctail of academic
avant-garde and fashionable techno-rhythms.
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Oktay "Old Believers Songs" (Pure Nature Music, PNM CD002) $8
17 tracks, 62 minutes. Songs of Russian Old Believers from the Tuva region. The power, depth and stern beauty of Siberia. Performed close to the authentic records.

Ole Lukkoye "Zapara" 1996 (Exotica, EXO96101)     $11
Digipack, limited edition. The debute CD of petersburg-based project collected veterans of petersburg psychedelic-scene. Music of the CD combines powerful modern progressive-rock with western and eastern folk-music and electronic
psychedelic. This music might succefully compete with music of such masters of modern psychedelic as british Ozric Tentacles or hungarian Korai Orom.

Ole Lukkoye "Tumze" 1996 (Lolipop Shop, LSD 1)     $14
9 tracks, 65 minutes. Digipack, limited edition. Super-rare remasterd reissue of a band's second album released by german label.
See the review.
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Ole Lukkoye "Doo-doo-doo Ili Lekarstvo Dlya Karlika" ("Doo-doo-doo Or A Medicine For A Dwarf") 1998 (Ole Lukkoye, OL001)     $11
7 tracks, 71 minutes. The new album from petersburg band which clearly demostrates band's progress. In my opinion, with this release OL has finally occupied leading position on russian psychedelic scene.
See the review.

Ole Lukkoye "Crystal Crow-Bar" 2000 (Klangbad/Think Progressive)     $10
Digipack. 8 tracks, 73 min. One more album of cult band from St.Petersburg. The album released by german label owned by Faust.

Ole Lukkoye "Relax in Your Dreams" 2000 (Solyd Records, SLR0225)     $8
10 tracks, 71 min. A collection of live recordings made in 1994-98. Most tracks previously unreleased.

Psychic  TV  "Were You Ever Bullied At School... Do You Want Revenge?" 2000 (Cold  Spring, CSRCD27)     $18
2CD, 152 min. Two live recordings made in 1984 of the legendary english industrial band.

Rada & Ternovnik "Rada & Ternovnik" 1998 (Prikosnovenie, Prik019)     $6
CDEP, 5 tracks, 21 minutes. Many people compare Rada with Cocteau Twins, Miranda Sex Garden and and others. But her music and her voise are unique and very original. This CDEP is released by french Prikosnovenie in a "Miniature" series. Other releases are Jack Or Jive, Les Secrets De Morphee and La STPO. A bouqlette for the CDEP says simply: "Russia melancholic wave orchestrated by the amazing voise of Rada". One last copie.

Rada & Ternovnik "My Love My Sorrow" 1999 (Ur-Realist Records, UR CD1)     $8
9 tracks, 43 minutes. New album from cult moscow-based project. Now they come with trip-hope. It might be compared with Portishead but more and more serious and depressive. All trip-hope existed before this album seems like children toys now. And of course as usual all sound has built around Rada's voise.
See the review.

Rada & Ternovnik "Russian Epics" 1999 (Ur-Realist Records, UR CD-004)     $8
14 tracks, 56 minutes. A live recording. Recoded totally live with no electronic processing. Differs from previous studio works in being slightly less "gothic" - more like an easy-to-listen mixture of new wave, light jazz rock and ska. Plus - of course - Rada's voice. Some tracks were previously released on studio albums.
See the review.

Rhodesia "Unvisible War" 1997 (Izitsa Records, IZHCD001)     $10
9 tracks, 67 minutes. The debute CD of izhevsk-based project which may be is one of most interesting IDM-project on russian electronic scene. Tender and atmospheric ambiencies, soft broken (and sometimes danceble) beats, beautiful melodies.
See the review.
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Romowe Rikoito "l'Atoumne Eternal" 2000 (Brudenia Rec., R002)     $8
61 min., 8 tracks. Second album of the best russian dark-folk/neo-classics band. With this new work, RR have more moved to neo-classics side. Sound of the band has became more original.Very beautiful and professional work.
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Ryaba Mutant "Cyber Coutur" 1997 (Izitsa Records, IZHCD002)     $10
9 tracks, 62 minutes. A second release from izhevsk-based label Izhitsa Records and the first album from young izhevsk-based project. Music might be described as a mix of aggresive, provocative and not banal breake-beat and atmospheric electro.
On one track participated famous mosco DJ and musician Compass Vrubel.

Sabjilar "Syr Chome" (Pure Nature Music, PNM CD003) $8
15 tracks, 63 minutes. Hakas folk music performed close to authentic sources. Unimitable spirit of the original culture of the Russian foothills of Tibet.

Solar X "Xrated" 1997 (ArT-TeK Records, ART003CD)     $12
The second album from one of most famous and legendary musician of russian IDM-scene. He did oficial remixes for Alla Pugatcheva and Jean-Michaele Jarre but hasn't leave techno-underground. Tumult of fantasy, broken beats,
beautiful melodies.
See the review.
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Ivan Sokolovsky "Khan's Afternoon Rest" 1996 (Exotica, EXO96103)     $11
5 traks, 62 minutes. Digipack, limited edition. The solo-album from the veteran of russian electronic music, one of establishers of such bands as Notchnoy Prospect, Yat-Kha and Soft Animals. It filled by ethnic elements and sounds very rhithualistically and meditative. Very diversive palette of the music is continuing from ambient to acid-jazz.

Species Of Fishes "Songs Of A Dumb World" 1994 (Korm Plastics/Staalplaat, KIP006)     $14
12 tracks, 68 min. Legendary debute album of a famous moscow band made, represent a mixture of ambient and post-isolationism.

Species Of Fishes "Triptrap" 1996 (Exotica, EXO96102)      $16
10 tracks, 74 minutes, digipack, limited edition. The second album of famous moscow-based experimental electronic project. This album brought to the band a reputation of the cult project. Music of the album is might be discribed as "minimal techno-jungle-ambient-dub" and close to the thing which some call "post-isolationism". It also might be compared
with music of such projects as Panasonic, Autechre and late works of Muslimgauze who did for Species Of Fishes an album of remixes. One last copie.
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Species Of Fishes "Trip-Trap" 1996/99 (Exotica, EXO99102)     $8
10 tracks, 74 min. Rerelease of the album in ordinary case.

Species Of Fishes "Time End Place" (Exotica, EXO99109)     $8
19 tracks, 72 minutes. A new album by a cult Moscow IDM project. Throughout the four years of their activity, the musicians
have irrevocably plunged into the deep abyss of electronic sound experiments; now they are working in the wildest borderlands of the world IDM scene.

Species Of Fishes "Songs Of A Dumb World pt.2" 2000 (Species Of Fishes, FCD03)     $7
10 tracks, 59 min. A compilation of tracks recorded from 1993 to 1999 and haven't released in other albums. Energetic and nearly danceable tracks alternate with ambient compositions in style of "Songs of a Dumb World". Two tracks are represented in remixes of Alexander Kopeikin.

Species Of Fishes "Species Of Fishes" 2000 (Species Of Fishes, FCD02)     $8
12 tracks, 59 min. The album developes a direction of mixing idm and easy-listening, the beginning of which might be recognized already on "Time End Place". But, unlike of "Time End Place", this album made in much more pacific and flat manner. As a bonus added a remix from Izhevsk project Ryaba Mutant.

V/A  "Achtung  Baby!  1988-1998: Ten Years of Madness (Behind the Iron Curtain)" 2000 (Indiestate)     $22
2CD. 27 tracks, 149 minutes. A compilation dedicated to 10th annyversary of russian culture project Achtung Baby! The compilation includes tracks from best representives of modern industrial from around the world amongst whom are Inade, 4th Sign of Apocalypse, Sanctum, Reptilicus, Turbund Sturmwerk, Der Blutharsch, Blood Axis, Novy Svet, Troum,
Ataraxia, Hybryds, Le Joyaux De La Princesse and russian projects Reutoff, Solar Salt and Cyclotimia.

V/A "Artefacts" 1999 (Art-Tek Records, ART010CD)     $7
13 tracks, 62 minutes. A compilation of modern Russian IDM/experimental techno. Includes Lazyfish, Eu, Compass Vrubell,
Fizzarum, J-Toonz, Kustota, Ambidextrous, T.A.N.D.E.M., Panya, SCSI-9, Cutoff, Novel 23, Solar X.
See the review.

V/A "Edge Of The Night: Russian Gothic Compilation" 2000 (Russian Gothic Project, RGP001)     $8
16 tracks, 74 min. Very representative, qualitative and conceptual compilation of russian gothic bands in nearly full range of gothic sub-genres such as dark-folk, dark-wave, dark-ambient, neo-classic, gothic-rock and dark-ambient. With participation of The Moon Far Away, Romowe Rikoito, Canonis, Neutral, Cyclotimia, The Damsel's Dream and others.
See the review.

V/A "Electrus" 1999 (What's So Funny About..., WSFA SF163)     $10
14 tracks, 67 minutes. New music from St.-Pete's club and experimentall/electronic scene. A compilation released on a cult
German label. Includes tracks by Alexandroid, Novi Kompositori, The Parks, Kostrov, Deadushki, DJ K-Fear, Mo Fun, Fathers Of Hydrogene, Messer Fur Frau Muller, Netslov, PCP, Christmas Bubbles, Good Dead Davidoff, Usachev & Arsentiev.
See the review.

V/A "Mrs. Lenin. Electroacoustic Music from the Theremin Center." 1995 (Solyd Records, SLR0044)     $8
8 tracks, 73 minutes. A compilation of most famous russian organisation provading and promoting electroacoustic music and electronic avantguarde. The compilation includes works from main composers of Theremin Center:
Sergey Kossenko, Albina Stoyanova, Alesander Ponomariov, Velery Beluntsov, Andre Smirnov, Vladimir Nikolaev, Iraida Yusupova and equadorian composer Jorge Campos.

V/A "Tell Tchaikovsky the News" 1999 (Exotica, EXO99111)     $8
16 tracks, 74 minutes. An introspective compilation of modern Russian experimental music in a wide spectrum from easy-listening and acid-jazz to progressive and dark folk. Includes Crash, Ryaba Mutant, F.R.U.I.T.S., Shtirlitz, Species Of Fishes, Burunduk Quartet, Piezo, Nuclear Losь, Richard Norvila, Soda, Fractal Heads, K.U.Street Spring, Ole Lukoye, Romowe Rikoito, Moon Far Away, Brothers In Mind. Can be taken as an Exotica sampler - most of these projects
either were released or plan to be released by Exotica.
See the review.

V/A "Transseberian Express" 1997 (Purple Legion Records, PLCD3)     $19
2CD, 24 tracks. Very representative compilation of russian experimental techno music including moscow, perm, chelyabinsk, izhevsk and kazan bands. Compilation styles are from electro and techno to ambient and hard-core. Partisipating 7B, Black Reason, Virgo Intacta, Zima, Alexandr Kopeikin, Motor, Night Prospect, Rhodesia, F.I.O., F.R.U.I.T.S., etc.

V/A "Hacca Note Compilation Album" 1999 (Hacca Note, HACC1004)     $12
8 tracks, 74 min. Japanese dark-ambient/noise compilation with participation of english, japanese and russian musicians. It includes Nush Nushi, Last of Ride, Steve Roden, Mikhail Atom and others.

V/A "Pure Nature Music" 2000 (Pure Nature Music)     $9
16 tracks, 62 min. American compilation of khakas, tuvian, ittelmen, russian and belarus traditional music.

V/A "Seedmouth" 1996 (Cold Spring, CSR12CD)     $10
11 tracks, 74 min. Rare english dark-ambient compilation with participation of  Deutsch Nepal, Illusion of Safety, Inade, Cranioclast, Inanna, John Watermann, Lustmord etc.

Volga "Volga" 1999 (Экзотика, EXO98109)     $9
14 tracks, 74 minutes. Volga is a new project by Alexei Borisov (Notchnoy Prospect, F.R.U.I.T.S.) and the singer Angela Manukian. Old folk songs arranged as minimal-techno and post-industrial ritual music intend to give the modern audience a look at the riches of authentic Russian folklore. Includes several dance remixes.
See the review.
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Ambidextrous "Soundscape" 1998 (Outersonic/Grief, OSCD01) $6
10 tracks, 56 minutes. The debute album of the moscow-based idm/ambient project participated in "Inflame" compilation by Grief Records. Soft broken beats, atmospheric sound, beautiful minimalistic melodies, nice mixing work.
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Alexey Borisov "Pa Koket" 2000 (Insofar Vapor Bulk)     $6
4 tracks, 52 min. Cold, "academical" noise from the veteran of russian industrial scene.
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Caprice "Mirror" 1996     $7
12 tracks, 51 min. A debute album of one of the russian most interesting projects playing original crossover of progressive-rock and neo-classics. The project mostly known by participation in the "Edge of the Night - Russian Gothic Compilation".
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Caprice "Songs of Innocence and Experience"     $7
EP. 7 tracks, 23 min. A mini-album based on poems of William Blake. More deepest immersion into neo-classics. Vocals are in english.
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DMT "Gimme Me A Muthafakin' Ultimate Noise Rite Now" (RWCDAX Records, RWCD01)     $6
15 tracks, 67 minutes. Debute CD-R album of a Saratov postindustrial rhythm'n'noise projekt. The album is an attempt to expore sado-maso consiousness. Eclectic musical picture changes from dark and brutal "post-industrial" sketches to pseudo-upbeat sarcastic techno turned inside out. Includes a remix of a Notchnoy Prospect track.

DMT "Unmusik" 99 (RWCDAX Records, RWCD05)     $6
12 tracks, 71 minutes. Low-frequency noise and drones intertwined with high-frequency pulsations. About half of the album is beatless. Soundscapes which lurk inside different sound cards. An exploration of natural microprocesses taking places in different electronic devices. Includes a remix of a Species of Fishes track.

Dvar "Taai Liira" 2000 (Russian Gothic Project, RGP003R)     $5
EP. 5 tracks, 21 min. A debute release of Moscow dark-wave project known by participation in a compilation "Edge of the Night". Heavy electronic rhythm, dark gothic atmosphere and high octave isterical male vocal.
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F.R.U.I.T.S. "Studio Recordings Vol.1" 2000 (N&B Research Digest, 3/2000)     $6
4 tracks, 69 min. A compilation of outtakes of famous Moscow electronic duo from 1992-1993. All meterial made in ambient/idm/noise style.

Jan Grin "Fuck The Machines" 1998 (Weird, AudioCD0001) $6
6 tracks, 40 minutes. Strange album from moscow-based artist, video-engineer and musician Yan Grin. It represents wild and
meditative coctail of minimalistic noises and broken clips of human voices. Worthy continuation of dad Burroughs' buisines and
invistigated him "cut-up" method.

Government Alpha/MSBR/Notchnoi Prospect "Japanoise Action in Russia" 2000 (Insofar Vapor Bulk)     $6
6 tracks, 72 minutes. A recording of join performance of famous representatives of japanoise scene Government Alpha and MSBR and pioneers of russian industrial Notchnoi Prospect has made at Moscow club Krai in 28.06.1998. As a bonus tracks 3 remixes from Notchnoi Prospect and T.A.Lab.

Joint Committee "Rosenkranz' Sessions. Volume One." 2000 (Pentagramma Records, Pentagramma013CD)     $7
10 tracks, 58 min. An album recorded in 1994 by musicians from Alien Pat.Holman, F.R.U.I.T.S., Mushrooms and Night Prospect in guitar-ambient manner.
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Lazyfish "Vortex" 1998/99 (RWCDAX Records, RWCD02)      $6
1 track, 44 minutes. Tribal breakbeat by a Moscow project which lately became pretty popular. One can feel a strong influence by Muslimgauze's work, but the music is sufficiently original and interesting to avoid being a mere copycat act. Rigid broken rhythms, ambient, a bit of IDM-style noise. Material of this album is different from CD released by Art-Tek Records.

Roman Lebedev "Idioritmik" 2000     $5
12 tracks, 70 min. A solo album of Moscow musician known by works with Night Prospekt. It represents an unusual mixture of minimal-techno, idm and noise.

Serguey Letov & Alexey Borisov "Faust" 99 (Pentagramma Records, Pentagramma007CD)      $7
1 track, 74 minutes. The soundtrack to a cult 1926 movie "Faust" by the German director F.W. Murnau. Played lived during a showing at Ekaterinburg. "Dark ambient" from the Russian industrial pioneer Alexei Borisov (composition, elctronics) + "free jazz" from one of the most famous Russian sax players Sergey Letov (tenor sax, bass clarinet, flute swanee whistle).  swanee whistle).

Letov-Borisov-Lipatov "Faust. Live at NN." 2000 (Pentagramma Records, Pentagramma017CD)     $7
13 tracks, 56 min. Another version of a soundtrack to "Faust" recorded live at Nizhniy Novgorod with participation of a guitarist Oleg Lipatov.

Lunophobia "Under the Snow" 2000 (Russian Gothic Project, RGP002R)     $5
EP. 3 tracks, 14 min. A debute release of a Petersburg gothic-rock project known by a track on a compilation "Edge of the Night". Soft and atmospheric guitar music in combination with elements of synth-pop and female voice.

Muzhskoy Tanets "Last Slap in the Face/Pocket Swan" 1990/91/00 (Ur-Realist Records, URLCD002)     $5
13 tracks, 60 min. Digital reissue of two albums recorded in 1990-91 by new wave project of musicians from bands Industrial Architect and Chyorny Lukitch. Vocals are in english. Issue is limited to 100 copies.
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New Russian Alternative "Uverennost' V Nevidimom" 2000 (Pentagramma, Pentagramma009CD)     $7
1 track, 54 min. A debute release of an electronic-jazz-folk project of Serguey Letov. In the recording participated: Serguey Letov (soprano and baritone saxophones), Alexey Borisov (electronics, voice), Roman Lebedev (electronics), Richard Norvila (electronics), Oleg Lipatov (guitar), folk-ensemble of Dmitry Pokrovsky. The recording was made "live" at Moscow club "Bednye Lyudi" at 23.06.1998.

Nikkila-Borisov-Letov "Live @ Moscow" 1999 (Pentagramma Records, Pentagramma002CD)     $6
1 track, 49 minutes. The recording of a joint live perfomance in the Moscow "Bednye Lyudi" nightclub by the pioneer of Russian industrial, the leader of the Notchnoy Prospect, the inimitable Alexei Borisov, a weird Finnish electroguru called Anton Nikkila, and a famous free jazz saz player Sergey Letov. The result is rather strange and unusual -- a mix of dark ambient, break beat and free jazz.

Old Monk's Saga "Trylogy Of Cognition And Absolute Reason Of Ancient Death" 1999 (Leviaphonic Records, Lev03)     $7
4 tracks, 50 minutes. A debute album of the ukrainian band wich was released on a scottish label. The album combinates fully electronic minimalistic and melacholic gothic ambiencies with some elements of "dark-wave" and may call some assotiations with production of swedish Cold Meat Industry.

Reutoff "Regno Di Pianta" 2000 (Ewers Tonkunst, HHE001CDR)     $8
10 tracks, 56 min. Edition is limited to 100 copies. A debute CD of one of the best and interesting russian dark-wave projects. Unlike of previous tape releases, this album made in more noise/ambient style and close to atmosphere of moder german neo-industrial scene.
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Sny "Oblako Gryoz" 2000 (RWCDAX Records, RWCD07)     $5
12 tracks, 59 minutes. Debute full-length album of a Saratov sinth-pop projekt. Highly pitched female voice, almost dance-like sinthi-pop rhythm, gothis strings and beautiful minimalist melodies. Includes 3 bonus remixes.
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Soilcult "If The Sun Shatters" 1999 (RWCDAX Records, RWCD04)     $6
12 track, 47 minutes. Debute album of a dark-ambient/noise projekt by musicians of Heavenly Legal Holland and Brutal
Abbeizer. Melancholic post-industrial landscapes, low-frequency vibrating noises. One of the best Russian projects working in this direction.

Spies Boys "Cowboyzone" 2000 (NN Records)     $5
7 tracks, 36 min. A heavy and almost industrial mixture of techno, idm and analogue noises.

Spies Boys "Godcozone" 2000 (NN Records)     $5
10 tracks, 49 min. The album, principially, stilistically close to previous but made in more traditional minimal-techno style.

Telooperator "Crions" 1999 (Grief Recordings, SSGGCD04)     $6
4 tracks, 41 minutes. Debute album by a Rostov noise project made up from VLD and Antimusic musicians. Raw brutal noise underlied by a rigid analog rhythm.

Technical Acoustics Lab 1999 "Food For Energetic Cats" (RWCDAX Records, RWCD04)     $6
10 tracks, 62 minutes. Debute album by a Moscow IDM project. Minimalist broken rhythms + IDM noise + creaking +
seductive minimalist tunes. An hour of pleasure for those who like Autechre and Boards of Canada.

V/A "RWCDistribution Sampler #1 - Waves, Dreams & Vibrations" 2000 (RWCDAX Records, RWCDC01S)     $2
13 tracks, 74 minutes. A sampler from CD's distributed by RWCDistribution. This compilation includes melodic, athmospheric and dance music. Tracks by Ole Lukoye, Rhodesia, Rada & Ternovnik, Ryaba Mutant, Solar X, K.U.Street Spring, Kooperativ Nishtyak, Kotra, Volga, DMT, Sny, Transplantant, Liq.  Sold only with an other order.

V/A "RWCDistribution Sampler #2 - Noise, Drones & Brutality" 2000 (RWCDAX Records, RWCDC01S)     $2
14 tracks, 74 minutes. A sampler from CD's distributed by RWCDistribution. This compilation includes noise, dark-ambient and industrial music. Tracks by Brutal Abbeizer, VLD, Andrey Dergatchev DMT, Kotra, Heavenly Legal Holland, Cyclotimia, Solnetchnaya Sol, Soilcult, Strafaria, Telooperator, Transplantant, F.R.U.I.T.S., F.R.U.I.T.S. & Sa-Zna.  Sold only with an other order.

V/A "Exit to the City" 2000 (ChebuRec, ChB003)     $6
13 tracks, 74 min. A compilation of idm from Petersburg and Moscow. With participation of Ambidextrous, Eu, Taiga, Tenzor, Netslov, Syntetica and others.

V/A "Geologists And Professional Tourists" 2000 (N&B Research Digest, 1/2000)     $6
11 tracks, 67 min. A compilation of russian, finnish and swiss idm with participation of Alexey Borisov, Anton Nikkila, Technical Acoustics Lab, Richard Norvila, Roman Lebedev, Martiensgohome etc.

V/A "Pilottilasit. Samples from Helsinki Underground 1981-1987" 2000(N&B Research Digest, 2000)     $6
12 tracks, 70 min. A compilation of archive recordings from Helsinki electronic and post-industrial underground of 80th. With participation of  Anton Nikkila, Swissair, Musiikkivyory and others.


"Edge Of The Night - Gothic-Industrial Halloween Party" 1999 (Weird Video/RGP)     $6
Recording of live performance organized by Russian Gothic Project at Halloween in 1998. With participation of Zima 23, Neutral, Cyclotimia and DMT.