Confronted with pressure from those detractors in our respective nations, it is vital that our militant views are presented on the Internet. Although the mother of all networks remains in the hands of Big Brother, it is also the last bastion of freedom for political
minorities. Whereas the traditional media villifies our legitimate struggle, we now have an historical chance to circumvent the penalties
incurred by remaining within the ranks of the politically correct. In addition, both the importance and presence of the Internet is becoming increasingly prevalent amongst us. It thus serves as an extraordinary militant source where we can make our
ideas known on a greater scale at a minimum cost.

This opportunity led us to create WEBRING RESIST@NCE. The mission of this network is to support the presence of our militants on the Internet. With this intention we have established a team of volunteers ready to help others who decide to create a site of their own. Each member of this team is a specialist in his or her particular field: i.e. technique (language HTML, graphics, sounds), law (relating to the conformity of website contents with existing guidelines), policy, culture and various other kinds of assistance which may serve to help those who wish to set up and maintain their own sites.

But the mission of WEBRING RESIST@NCE does not stop there. Indeed, each member of our militant community will have, in addition to a personalised logo, integrated links with all the site members of our circle. Thus, it will be enough for the stray Net surfer to find just one site on WEBRING RESIST@NCE in order to immediately obtain the addresses of all the other members. Inevitably, this initiative will attract insults and threats from our enemies, but it will also lead to acts and messages of support within our own camp. In order to keep you informed, we will publish a certain amount of information on a mailing list specifically intended for the members of WEBRING RESIST@NCE itself.


WEBRING RESIST@NCE aims to encourage a militant presence on the Net. In our view, the political struggle is summarized today by the battle between two camps: Identity and Cosmopolitanism. Site members of WEBRING RESIST@NCE must respect the concept of identity and resist the diktats of the New World Order and the politically correct. In spite of the censure which seeks to impede us, we are willing to fight on until the end to remain free!

WEBRING RESIST@NCE is hereby launched for all those who share the ideal of Identity and wish to have the attention focussed upon building the New Europe of tomorrow.

WEBRING RESIST@NCE is available to all, both webmasters and ordinary Net surfers. Association with WEBRING RESIST@NCE is free. Site members of WEBRING RESIST@NCE must respect the strtength of the law, as well as the
sensitivities of other members.
To contact us: resistance@mail.dotcom.fr ou on webring home page: http://members.xoom.com/wresistance

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